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Are you having problems with rust or unwanted residue on your commercial equipment? Professional sandblasting can help. Ensure your industrial surfaces are clean and clear of unwanted substances with commercial sandblasting services from Aqua Brite. We serve clients in Tacoma, WA; Seattle, WA; and the surrounding areas.

Industrial sandblasting involves the inclusion of sand or other gritty particles in blasts of high-pressure water or air. These blasts are directed with specialized equipment to clean surfaces of rust, paint, scale, mold, and other residues that would otherwise be tough to remove. After a surface has been sandblasted, it is clean and free of contaminants and can receive fresh paint or coating treatments.

At Aqua Brite, we provide both wet and dry sandblasting for industrial and commercial clients. We understand that sandblasting can be a vital part of proper maintenance, and we’re happy to provide industrial commercial sandblasting for buildings, equipment, boats, and vehicles. Read on to learn more about the many useful applications of our sandblasting services.

Preparing Surfaces with Sandblasting

This process works extremely well with surfaces of steel, wood, fiberglass, concrete, aluminum, and even glass. The one coating which is difficult to remove is rubber because it repels the abrasive media. While the overall process is very similar, the variables are:

  • The type of blast media used
  • The size of the media used
  • The volume of air or water
  • The pressure of the air or water
  • There is a whole spectrum of results that can be achieved with each of the above-listed substrates. For example, with steel, the goal may be to quickly sand sweep the surface to remove loose paint and expose failing coatings. New coats of paint can then be applied.
device for Ultra-High Water Blasting

Preparing Steel Surface
with Sandblasting

This process can provide better results for less cost than hand tool preparation on large areas. The best option on steel is to remove all paint, rust, and mill scale using a media that will produce a 2.5-4 millimeter profile.

The profile is the thousands of small pits produced when the sand hits the steel surface. When the paint is applied, it now has these pits to hold onto, creating a long-term bond with a coating that is not being compromised with old, loose paint, rust, or mill scale underneath. This is the reason media blasting is still the best procedure for surface preparation, even though it is old technology.

Sandblasting vs. Ultra-High
Water Blasting

There have been many ways developed to remove old paint, such as ultra-high water blasting (40,000 PSI water pressure). While this process will remove thick coats of paint, it does not remove thin coatings, such as weldable or zinc primer. Other issues with ultra-high water blasting are:

  • It will not remove mill scale
  • It will not remove all rust
  • It will not create a profile, which is required for the next application
  • Once finished with ultra-high water blasting, you have a wet surface that is beginning to rust and needs to dry before the paint can be applied
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Many Years of Excellent Sandblasting Service

At Aqua Brite, we have been in the business of surface preparation and coating application since 1972. We have the equipment and knowledge to provide you with your desired level of preparation at a competitive price. We take pride in showing up and completing the job on time. The job site is kept clean and waste materials (used blasting media) are removed and disposed of promptly. A receipt will be provided upon request for proof of proper waste disposal.

Dave Zahradnik, the owner of Aqua Brite is always available and happy to discuss your preparation and/or coating needs. Ask him about similar jobs to yours which have been successfully completed, as well as the process and equipment used.

Our goal is to retain you as a well-satisfied customer by providing an excellent product using top-of-the-line equipment with long-term, well-trained staff.