Boat Coating at marine

On-Site Marine Work in the Puget Sound Area

Our specialty for many years has been on-site Marine Work, with some interior and exterior building surfaces to remove paint, sometimes lead-based, from brick, concrete, and wood.

SSPC-SP 10 Near-White Metal Blast Cleaning

We perform sandblasting at SSPC-SP 10 near-white metal blast cleaning in preparation for a fresh coat of paint, to prolong the life of the painted surface.

“SSPC-SP 10 near-white metal blast cleaning (NACE No. 2) is a standard used for near-white metal blast cleaning put forth by the Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) and NACE International Standard. Near-white metal blast cleaning is to be used to clean unpainted or painted steel surfaces prior to applying a new protective coating or lining systems. SSPC-SP 10/NACE No. 2 removes all dust, coating, and mill scale. The limit of staining permitted for near-white metal blast cleaning is no more than five percent of each unit area of the surface.” —

ITB double bottom fuel barge

Aqua Brite Marine Jobs

Here are some Aqua Brite jobs:

  • ITB double bottom fuel barge (deck edge to keel) 380 ft x 70 ft
  • Manson barges, including interior, exterior, and miscellaneous attached machinery
  • Boyer barges, including interior tanks and exterior surfaces
  • Trident Seafoods, including tanks, exterior surfaces, and processing areas
  • Port Engineers: Larry Duncan, Kyle Duncan, Dustin Jones, Tom Ford, and others
  • Lead Abatement inside the 700 ft US Coast Guard building at Pier 39, Seattle, WA
  • Many 32 ft x 110 ft US Navy Barges, blasted to an SP 10 condition
  • Many 87 ft US Coast Guard Cutters, blasted to an SP 10 condition, from the tip of the mast to the keel
  • General Construction Barge, deck edge to edge while in water
  • Delta Marine new construction steel and aluminum yachts, 160 ft up to 230 ft
  • Kiewit Construction dump barges

If you would like more examples or references, we are happy to provide these. Most jobs obviously are similar regarding setup, containment, surface preparation, sand removal, and disposal.

If you would like to have us apply coatings, we use 60 and 68 to one airless paint pump. We can also provide QC reports that include the profile, surface temperature, dew point, relative humidity, and mil readings.

Contact us for more information. We look forward to speaking with you!